About us

Catalyst Insurance Brokers Private Limited - CATALYST is IRDA licensed direct insurance broker for Life & Non-life - General Insurance broker working on behalf of its customers.

Catalyst provides total solutions to customers and its agents - POSP for any kind of their need of Insurance.

CATALYST is a service centric organization run by a team of experienced experts of their fields.

We at CATALYST always endeavour to provide our customers and POSP best solutions by arranging best coverage at optimum cost and strive to get them delighted by our hassle free services.

We are bringing best insurance solutions to our customers and POSP from all IRDA licensed Insurance Cos. after understanding risk and analysing need of a customer.


Mission & Vision

We are committed to our customers, their families and POSP for making them tension free in their life so far their income, assets, liabilities & casualties are concerned.

Synchronizing with our above Vision, we are on mission of SERVICE, SERVICE AND SERVICE ONLY!

Risk Management

Life is full of uncertainty. Hence, our property and financials are always under threat of damage by various factors. Any severe road accident can make us helpless or our family in miserable condition by death or casualty or permanent disability to a bread eaner of family. So, damage to our property by fire or storm or earthquake is always in air. Now a days, legal liability can arise from anywhere due to disputes in professional services. Cost of treatment in hospitals is increasing by leaps and bounds and livelihood of any family gets jeopardized by a viral infection.

Chances of any of the above mentioned losses are less than 1% for any individual. But, its severity is enough for an individual to be bankrupt or debt ridden if financially not sound.

Hence, it is very important to manage such risk to be tension free in life.

Insurance is nothing but a financial tool of transferring your risk to Insurance Company.

But very few individual or firm or company are capable enough to understand what are the risks associated with them and their assets.

We at CATALYST are specialist in analysing the risk and on the basis of such analysis, we can arrange the best insurance coverages at optimum cost.


Core Values

We have a responsibility to our client and society.
We act with professional courtesy to everyone and at all times.
We are interested in long-term growth rather that short-term profit maximization.
We aim to be the best.
We are solution seekers who thrive on creativity and value creation

Our Services

1. Sales:

We are offering online insurance selling platform for personal line of products available on policymine.com.

Our team is engaged in offline sales of all type of insurance products as mentioned above including personal line & commercial line of business products.

2. Post Sales Services:

Any typo or other type of mistake in Insurance policy is quite possible because of involvement of many channels despite of enough care is taken with due diligence.

There may be some changes in personal or professional details of insured, change in Hypothecation or change in details of risk happens during contingency of the policy which needs to be incorporated in policy by communicating with Insurance Company for updating their records. Insurance company issues endorsements after updating their records. It helps insured in getting claims hassle free.

Please inform us for any mistake or change in details of Insurance policy on below mentioned contact details:

(M) : +91 7041990721 Email id : support@catalystbrokers.com

3. Claims Service:

Though insurance is taken with due diligence, preparing documentation and procedures of claims are complex considering the terms, conditions and exclusions of the insurance policy. We at CATALYST provide end to end solution to our customers, right from the intimation of claim, to filling proper claim form, to subsequent submission of documents as well as answering the queries of insurance companies and ultimately amicable and fair settlement of claim in a stipulated time frame.


Catalyst Insurance Brokers Private Limited is a service centric organization; be it providing a policy or any other document or settling a claim. We are striving to delight our customers by our time bound committed quality of service!

Please inform us at the earliest for logging a claim by email/ phone or sms on our below mentioned contact details:

(M) : +91 7041990721 Email id : support@catalystbrokers.com

For policy or any other document requirement, please contact, For any unresolved query or problem in any service, please escalate it to

Email id :j.pandya@catalystbrokers.com

Please go through the Check List of claim documents to be submitted and submit the same within stipulated time period decided by Insurance Co.

Claim forms of most of all the products of major Insurance cos. are available in Download Centre or contact us as mentioned above.